Our story began in 2011 by Marte Rossi, founder of FAROMAR. Back then we performed small projects around of cities in Italy. Today, with honor, our organization is widespread all over the world, with logistical basis located in strategic positions on each continent in order to easily meet any customer requirements. FAROMAR has a strong sense of obligation to serve a Marine and Underwater Activities for international customers who count on us to deliver quality and excellence in every project.

Our scope of business is to reach final results through saving time, respecting HSE measures and using the most updated equipment, offshore support, shore bases, hold spares, maintenance facilities. Our structure is supported by a fully experienced professional management, high trained and certificated divers, qualified personnel and fully skilled engineers and supervisors.


Our mission: to satisfy customers through providing a high quality services- customers FIRST.

Marte Rossi  Biography

Marte grew up in an incredible and beautiful city near the sea and started to learn about marine, since he was a little boy. He always used to have a big dream, soon all his dreams come true.

Now Marte is the President and CEO of FAROMAR, a diving and marine contractors company. Prior to FAROMAR, Marte had a 10 years experience in his father’s Company “ Marcello Rossi s.p.a”, specialized in diving and marine sector and Contractors with Public Administrations.  Afterwards, through a strong character of sense, he decided to establish his own Marine company that was exactly what he did.

A strong believer in the power of positive thinking, he constantly develops company forward. His goal is to represent and succeed FAROMAR company for the international arena.

 Besides Marte is fond of motorbike rides and extreme sea sports, which shows his willingness for challenges.  Marte Rossi is an inspirational leader who always motivates the teams in the most difficult contingencies and directs toward a continuous improvement.

Marte Rossi

“Do not let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning”
Robert Kiyosaki



Marine and diving support activities for submarine cable laying projects

  • Direct shore end landings
  • Pre-lay shore end landings
  • Submarine cable installations
  • Shallow and deep water cable repairs
  • Removal and disposal of OOS cable in shallow and deep water
  • Pre Lay Grapnel Run / Route Clearance
  • HDD pulls / J-tube pulls

Marine and diving protection works for submarine cable projects

  • Articulated pipes
  • Anchoring & stabilization systems
  • Concrete bags / concrete mattress
  • Posidonia oceanica environmentally approved screw anchors
  • Rock stoppers and clamp
  • OGB installation and protection
  • Jet sled burial

Inland support activities for submarine cable projects

  • Cable transportation & loading support.
  • Cables Joint and test
  • Construction and installation of BMH
  • Land fiber optic installations

Underwater Surveys for offshore structure

  • Major structure inspection & maintenance programs
  • Pipeline survey
  • Platform survey

Underwater Engineering

  • Installation of friction clamps, grouted clamps, boat landings and fenders
  • Riser installation and repair
  • Rig move assistance
  • Stabilization and repair of submarine pipeline
  • NDT Testing
  • Magnetoscopic Testing

Underwater Surveys for Vessels

As FAROMAR is a certified diving company through the international classification societies:

  • American Bureau
  • Lloyds Register Germanschier Lloyds
  • Bureau Veritas

Underwater Cutting and Welding activities

FAROMAR offers a comprehensive cutting & welding services includes:

  • Pipeline tie-ins & repairs
  • Structural repairs & member replacement
  • Repair to floating structures, vessel & S.B.M.S
  • Web hyperbaric welding
  • Dry welding by very special technique

Marine Construction and Maintenance

  • Slip way construction
  • Anti-Seepage protection construction
  • Piping works fir the water stations&power plants
  • Maintenance & survey works for the water stations & power plants


Our People – a future reputation of our company

We are already proud of our people but we are pushed to grow up more and more. Our company policy is mainly founded on the respect of health and safety measures in the work environment and focused on the specific training of each team member in order to ensure the best know-how and carry on top performances in every circumstance.

The implementation of QHSE values and the costant attention to the monitoring of customer satisfaction, lead us to received positive feedbacks by all our Clients concerning FAROMAR performances, problem solving, team attitude and project management.

Each time we approach to a new project, our Engineers, Project Managers and Technicians carefully analyze all the aspects and requirements for determining the best method of conduct and completion. This process grant us to perfectly coordinate the project actitivities and company tasks in order to ensure a good team player and the best achievements.





Via La Spezia, 81 – 00182 Rome (Italy)

Via Bruno Serotini, 45 – 00135 Rome (Italy)
Phone: +39 06 9451 9090

Email: info@faromar.it


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