Fa.Ro.Mar. - offshore services commercial diving marine contractors company underwater engineering inspections oceanic

Fa.Ro.Mar. - offshore services commercial diving marine contractors company underwater engineering inspections oceanic

Fa.Ro.Mar. - offshore services commercial diving marine contractors company underwater engineering inspections oceanic

Fa.Ro.Mar. - offshore services commercial diving marine contractors company underwater engineering inspections oceanic

FA.RO.MAR For Marine Works

Had established itself as a specialized company in the field of marine & underwater activities supporting the following:
• Oil & gas exploration / production industry.
• Marine vessels’ safe fleeting objective.
• Water stations & power plants maintenance.
• Communication Cables' industry.

From (FA.RO.MAR) main office in Alexandria (FA.RO.MAR) can cover all underwater specialists, and can provide all aspects of services in several
areas of underwater & marine works:

1.Underwater Surveys for offshore structures.
2.Underwater Engineering.
3·Underwater Surveys for vessels.
4· Cutting & welding activities.
5. Marine Construction & maintenance works.
6. Marine & diving support activities for cable laying projects

As (FA.RO.MAR) is one of the moderated companies in Egypt, (FA.RO.MAR) is growing up so fast to reach in a short time the international standards using the most updated equipment , offshore support, shore bases , hold spares, work shop, maintenance facilities & supported by a professional management & highly trained qualified engineers & supervisors

(FA.RO.MAR) track a record of successful completed projects achieved by its work power, which reflects its capabilities to handle major offshore & marine projects to satisfy its client by providing the up to date under water technology and the offshore expertise.

Have main target for having all recourse needed to be as a specialized professional company for providing the marine & underwater activities supporting the Oil & gas industry.

(FA.RO.MAR) company has always been to the forefront in research and development into diving technology in the service of the offshore gas and petroleum industry.
(FA.RO.MAR)  is well-equipped and experienced to execute all diving operations in the three main phases of offshore field development :

l - Exploration phase.
(FA.RO.MAR) provides its equipment an d diving team to support the drilling operations.

Il- Development phase.
This stage demands flow-line engineering expertise and divers with constructional skills for conducting professional activates supporting such projects :
• Installing jackets, pipelines, templates, riser, clamps and anodes.
• Removing pile guides.
• Performing spool piece tie-ins and umbilical lays.

IlI- Production phase
Which calls for inspection, repair and maintenance of offshore. There are some of the services which can be provided in this phase:
• Installation.
•Underwater visual, video & still photography survey.
• Ultrasonic thickness measurements.
• Magnetic particle inspection (MPI).
• Cathodic potential measurements.
• Flooded member detection.
• Water jet.
• Abrasive cleaning.

Offshore diving operations are fully backed by onshore bases, which incorporate mechanical electrical and electronics workshops, stores and administrative facilities.

FA.RO.MAR Resources Respecting SAFETY RULES

Before we say anything else we would like to say that our policy is SAFETY FIRST.
(FA.RO.MAR) personnel and equipment meet all oil company safety and certificate requirements.
(FA.RO.MAR) personnel are trained according to international diving safety and Non-Destructive-Testing standards.

Years of experience has demonstrated that supplying equipment without providing project management often results in delays and costly errors. When we supply equipment and expertise as a full-service package, tasks are accomplished in a comprehensive manner while keeping costs within initial expectations.
(FA.RO.MAR) is proud of our diving division.
It is the most developed aspect of (FA.RO.MAR). Our divers have carried out virtually every task that has ever been done underwater, and when we are presented with something new, it is carefully analyzed to determine the best method of completion.
The only limitation divers currently face is depth and we're moving that limit deeper every year.

A listing of (FA.RO.MAR) professional personnel's Certification Authorities:
• A.S.N.T., C.S.W.I.P., LLOYDS, D.N.V.A.S.S. (In Non-Destructive Testing)
• The Association of Diving Contractors
• The United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive (In Commercial Diving)

Disciplines In Non-Destructive Testing:
Ultrasonics, Close Visual Weld Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Underwater Video Inspection, Still Photography, Inspection Engineering, Cathodic Potential Inspection, Eddy Current, Thermography.

FA.RO.MAR S.r.l.
Head Office:
Via La Spezia, 81 - Zip Code: 00182 - Rome (Italy)

Administrative Office:
Via Bruno Serotini, 45 - Zip Code: 00135 - Rome (Italy)

Email: m.rossi@faromar.it - Email: info@faromar.it
VAT Number: 11542501009 - Privacy

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